Sejarah Melayu Yang Hilang

Tidak kira di mana bangsa kulit putih menjajah, mereka telah menghapus dan melenyapkan tamadun dan sejarah bangsa yang dijajah. Tujuannya adalah untuk membuat bangsa yang dijajah percaya bahawa mereka adalah bangsa yang mundur dan tidak bertamadun manakala bangsa Eropah datang untuk mengajar bangsa yang dijajah mengenai peradaban dan tamadun. Kesannya adalah bangsa yang dijajah mengangkat tamadun, nilai dan gaya hidup bangsa penjajah sebagai sesuatu yang lebih tinggi martabatnya. Bangsa Melayu juga telah menjadi mangsa penipuan sejarah ini.

Seminar oleh Prof. Abdul Muati sepanjang 2 jam ini menyingkap sejarah bangsa Melayu yang hilang dan dilupakan. Jika anda tiada masa sekarang, luangkan masa untuk menontonnya kemudian. Video ini padat dengan fakta menarik mengenai sejarah dan tamadun Melayu sebelum ketibaan penjajah Eropah.

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Serai, Petaling Jaya

I lunched at Serai in Section 14, Petaling Jaya. The menu, which consists of local and western dishes, is on the pricey spectrum.

We ordered seafood iced lattee (RM13), minted calamansi soda (RM13), seafood tomyam (RM22), nasi ambang (top right – RM24), nasi kerabu (bottom left – RM23) and banofee pie (RM14.80). Food at Serai comes in very generous portions.

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Coffee Culture, Putrajaya

I wasn’t too hungry the first time I went to Coffee Culture, so I ordered chicken wings (RM15.36) and hazelnut latte (RM12.64). The chicken wings were VERY delicious. Yummy. Finger lickin’ good. If you go there, you must order this.

I was very impressed by the chicken wings, so I went again for lunch. This time I ordered the beef burger and a coconut latte (sorry, I lost the receipt and I don’t remember the price). The burger was slightly burned on the outside and the overall taste was just OK. It was just a beef burger — nothing special. After the superbly delicious chicken wings, I had high expectation for the burger and I was severely disappointed. I was crushed!

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The Definitive Kahlil Gibran

Now I understand why Kahlil Gibran is considered a literature rebel and one of the greatest literature figure of the twentieth century. I envy people who can string words into beautiful phrases that capture the heart. This book an anthology of his stories, poems and parables.

Gibran has an uncanny way of putting forward the fallacy of society — the hypocrisy of people use religion to oppress, the arrogance of the upper class who think love and loyalty can be bought, the paradox of a hermit who preaches the value of sharing and giving while he himself is unable to do either.

Gibran’s observation about life and human nature remains true to this day — the hypocrisy and double standards continues, albeit in different forms. His stories are timeless.

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Ala Bola Steak House, Seri Kembangan

Ala Bola Steak House is located right next to The Kebabz. I’ve been there a few times and tried a few dishes.

I’m fanatic about mushroom soup. It’s a must-order item when I go to a Western food restaurant. I’m happy to report that the mushroom soup is among the most delicious I’ve had. The accompanying garlic bread is also perfect.

There was one evening when I was kind of starving and went there for dinner. I got a bit carried away and ordered the mushroom soup, mashed potatoes and grilled chicken with pasta. I regretted it at the end of the meal, not because the food was not good, but because I was too full. Anyway, the mashed potatoes was also delicious — just the right balance of creaminess and the gravy was awesome.

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