Vaccine Epidemic

When in comes to vaccination, there are two groups of people. One group believes without a doubt that vaccine is essential and must-get because without it, mankind will be plagued by diseases long ago eradicated. To them, vaccination is the cornerstone of civilisation.

The second group questions the safety and efficacy of vaccination. People in this group includes healthcare professionals and people who have personal experience with vaccine injury. The first group accuses this group of fear mongering that is not backed by science and research.

I read this book because I want to see if the allegation against the second group is true.

This book is divided into three parts. Part 1 discusses the case for vaccination choice and its legal implications. Because the authors are Americans, the discussions are centered around U.S. law, but the fundamental arguments about the rights of parents to decide what is best for their children’s health is valid in any country.

Part 2 consists of stories of people whose children had been vaccine-injured and people who have become a victim of vaccine injury themselves.

Part 3 presents the debates on various hot topics concerning vaccination. Among the topics discussed are the symbiosis between the pharmaceutical industry and government agencies that are responsible for the approval of new vaccines. Also discussed in the controversial case of Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Prof. Walker-Smith who had their reputations smeared and their careers destroyed due to a research they did about the relation between MMR vaccine and autism.

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Kenapa Kecoh Adegan Gay Dalam “Beauty and the Beast”?

Berapa umur anda sekarang? Selama anda hidup, sudah berapa banyak adegan merompak, membunuh, menipu, merogol, merasuah dsb yang anda tonton di kaca tv dan di layar perak? Agaknya sudah beratus kali. Agaknya sudah ratusan jam.

Kalau anda tak rasa adegan-adegan ini boleh merosakkan fikiran penonton dan tidak mempengaruhi mereka untuk merompak, membunuh, menipu, merogol, merasuah dsb, mengapa kecoh sangat mengenai adegan gay yang hanya beberapa saat dalam filem “Beauty and the Beast”?

Golongan pondan dan gay ini bukan perkara baru. Dah lama ada. Dah berpuluh tahun.

Memang betul. Bukan baru. Bukan setakat berpuluh tahun, semasa zaman Nabi Lut dulu pun ada.

Takkanlah lemah sangat iman sampai bila tengok adegan gay yang hanya beberapa saat itu pun kau boleh goyah dan nak ikut jadi gay.

Kalau itu hujah anda untuk mempertahankan adegan gay dalam filem “Beauty and the Beast”, anda sebenarnya tidak faham apa isu pokok di sini.

Kalau anda peka dengan perkembangan kempen pro LGBTQ di barat, anda tentu nampak satu trend dalam kempen mereka. Kalau anda faham trend ini, anda akan faham apa tujuan adegan gay yang hanya beberapa saat dalam “Beauty and the Beast”.

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When We Ruled

If someone says “ancient civilisation”, what comes to your mind?

Would you think of Ta-Seti or Kush or Songhai or Nubia? Would you wonder what life was like in the kingdom of Benin or Nok or Yoruba?

Or perhaps you’ve never heard of these great African kingdoms and civilisations? If you’ve never heard of them, you’re among the vast majority.

Even though Ancient Egypt is a well known civilisation, it was not Africa’s first kingdom. Ta-Seti is possibly the oldest kingdom of Africa. Its territory encompassed what is now northern Sudan and southern Egypt. Artefacts found at excavation sites include high quality jewellery, ivory and art pieces, which indicate at the wealth of the kingdom. The range of pottery found points to trade links with nearby lands and as far as one thousand miles away in the Middle East.

Mali was the second largest empire in the fourteenth century. Its land includes what is now Senegal, Gambia, Mauretania and Niger — its size is comparable to the entire Western Europe. The king who inherited the throne in 1312 launched a mission to explore the Atlantic Ocean. The expedition consists of two hundred ships filled with men and two hundred ships amply stocked with food, gold and water to last for two years. This alone gives an indication of the wealth and technology possessed by the kingdom of Mali at the time.

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Brain Teasers

  1. How did he know?
    A man was waiting at an airport for a plane to arrive. Suddenly, he heard someone call his name. Looking up, he saw an old friend of his hurrying toward him. “Hey, Bill!” called his friend. “How are you? I haven’t seen you in years!” “How are you?” exclaimed Bill. “Wow, you look great!”. “I am married now, to somebody you don’t know,” said the other. “This is my daughter.” Bill smiled down at the little girl. “Hi, young lady. What’s your name?” “It’s the same as my mama’s,” said the girl. “Is that so,” said Bill, winking at his friend. “Then your name must be Cindy!”

    Q: How could he possibly know this?

  2. The strange sisters
    It was the first day of school. The teacher had several children in her class. She asked all the new children to write down their names and their date of birth for her. The first two names she looked at were those of girls. She saw that they both had the same last name. They also had the same birthday – June 9,1973. “Will Jane and June Campbell please stand?” asked the teacher. Two girls stood up, and the teacher saw that they were just alike. “Oh, you’re twins,” she said. One of the girls shook her head. “No,” she said. “We’re sisters, but we’re not twins.”

    Q: How could they be sisters and be the same age, but not twins?

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Volcano Kitchen Village, Cyberjaya

I wasn’t sure if Volcanao Kitchen Village is halal-certified. When I contacted them to inquire, this was their reply (they’re in the process of getting a halal certificate).

I stopped by for lunch and ordered Thai squid set (RM12.90), kangkung belacan (RM10) and barley lime (RM12.90). The tiny portion of veggies that came with the Thai squid set was pathetic, which was why I ordered the kangkung belacan. The overcooked kangkung was not worth paying RM10 for.

The vegetable options cost either RM10 or RM17. I don’t know why it’s so expensive. Judging from the kangkung belacan, there’s nothing to shout about.

The sweet sour squid was no big deal. I’ve had better sweet sour dishes in my lifetime.

Overall, it’s average, over priced food. There was something about that place that gave me the I’m-not-going-again-ever feeling.

My verdict: