Ala Bola Steak House, Seri Kembangan

Ala Bola Steak House is located right next to The Kebabz. I’ve been there a few times and tried a few dishes.

I’m fanatic about mushroom soup. It’s a must-order item when I go to a Western food restaurant. I’m happy to report that the mushroom soup is among the most delicious I’ve had. The accompanying garlic bread is also perfect.

There was one evening when I was kind of starving and went there for dinner. I got a bit carried away and ordered the mushroom soup, mashed potatoes and grilled chicken with pasta. I regretted it at the end of the meal, not because the food was not good, but because I was too full. Anyway, the mashed potatoes was also delicious — just the right balance of creaminess and the gravy was awesome.

The grilled chicken pasta, however, was just so-so. I ordered a different pasta once before (don’t remember which one), and it was also so-so. What crossed my mind was, I can cook better pasta than this. They definitely need to improve their pastas.

I loved the grilled dory fish. This is the best main course I’ve had there so far. The sauce was so yummy. I wonder if the chef would give me the recipe… he he….

Overall, the food here is above average. You just have to be willing to try different dishes to find one that you like.

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