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Pawns in the Game

Their ultimate goal is to establish a totalitarian one-world government — they want to win for themselves undisputed control of the wealth, natural resources and man power of the entire world.

There is a Secret Power that, time and again, has used propaganda to divide humans into opposing camps on political, social, economic and religious issues so that they could stir people into such a state of emotionalism that they will fight and kill each other.

The Secret Power divides people into two camps: Kings and Queens; Bishops and Knights; and the masses of the world’s population, as pieces in their game. Their ruthless policy considers all other humans as expendable — sacrifice a major piece or a million pawns to place them a move nearer to their ultimate goal.

The author exposes the hidden hands that orchestrated key historical events starting with the English Revolution, the French Revolution, the downfall of Napoleon, the Russian Revolution, the Spanish Revolution and the events that led to two world wars.

Monetary and economic manipulation was at the heart of how the masses were manipulated into revolting against their governments in order to arrive at a position that places the Secret Power a step closer to their goal. The same tactic is still used today.

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Yahudi, Kristian, Hindu, dan Buddha Berasal Daripada Islam?

Quran menceritakan bahawa Tuhan mengutuskan seorang nabi kepada setiap kaum yang mengajarkan mereka agama tauhid. Setiap nabi mengajak kaumnya supaya menyembah Tuhan Yang Esa (satu). Setelah nabi wafat, manusia mula menokok-tambah ajaran nabi mereka dan menyeleweng daripada agama tauhid dan penyembahan hanya satu Tuhan.

Ada yang mula membina dan menyembah patung-patung sebagai perantara. Ada yang mengada-adakan sifat Tuhan yan tidak pernah diajar oleh nabi mereka. Setiap kali sesuatu kaum menyeleweng, Tuhan mengutuskan lagi nabi untuk membawa mereka kembali kepada agama tauhid.

Penulis buku ini mengkaji kitab-kitab suci agama-agama lain untuk melihat sama ada terdapat persamaan antara apa yang tertulis dalam kitab mereka dan apa yg tertulis dalam al-Quran. Adakah kitab-kitab suci agama lain juga membicarakan tentang mentauhidkan dan menyembah Tuhan yang satu? Adakah kitab-kitab tersebut menceritakan sifat-sifat Tuhan?

Apa yang menjadikan buku ini lebih menarik ialah ia turut membincangkan sejarah setiap agama dan bagaimana agama tersebut berkembang. Dapatkan buku ini di sini.

Reel Bad Arabs

What would be the purpose of vilifying a people for more than a century?

Since the early 1900s, Hollywood has consistently portrayed Arabs in a negative light in films and on TV. The author reviewed more than 1000 films — the vast majority of which distorts what Arab men, women and children are really like.

Hollywood’s reel Arab men are brute murderers, lecherous, sleazy rapists, religious fanatics, oil-rich dimwits and abusers of women. Reel Arab women are either abused, exotic belly dancers or relegated to harems.

Caucasian characters in films almost always use degrading names such as “sand niggers”, “filthy beards”, “desert goons”, “low-down bamboozled” and “flea-bitten son of dogs” to refer to Arabs.

Before 9/11, American Arabs were barely visible in films and on TV, and even then, Arab characters are mostly demeaning. Post 9/11, American Arabs are portrayed as disloyal Americans and terrorists.

Disney, which is renowned for its fairy tales films for children, is also complicit in the vilification of Arabs. Especially noteworthy is its not so subtle vilification of Arabs in “Aladin” (listen to the opening song of the film). Disney even resurrected the villain Jafar in “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland”, and of course, there is no heroic Arab character in the film.

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Kau Sembah Apa?

Buku ini memberikan penjelasan mengenai kepercayaan-kepercayaan utama di Malaysia, iaitu Islam, Buddha, Tao, Kristian, Hindu dan Sikh.

Penulis buku ini menemui ketua-ketua agama dan melawat rumah-rumah ibadat agama berkenaan semasa melakukan kajian sebagai persediaan untuk menulis buku ini. Tujuan buku ini adalah memberi kefahaman mengenai persamaan dan perbezaan kepercayaan agama-agama utama di Malaysia.

Perbincangan dalam buku ini dibentangkan dalam bahasa yang mudah difahami, membuatkannya dapat dibaca dengan pantas. Penulis tidak mempertikaikan atau merendahkan mana-mana agama. Penulis menekankan kepentingan berdialog untuk meningkatkan kefahaman antara kumpulan agama berbeza.

Saya rasa buku ini bagus untuk dibaca oleh semua dalam masyaratkat majmuk Malaysia. Dapatkan buku ini.

Vaccine Epidemic

When in comes to vaccination, there are two groups of people. One group believes without a doubt that vaccine is essential and must-get because without it, mankind will be plagued by diseases long ago eradicated. To them, vaccination is the cornerstone of civilisation.

The second group questions the safety and efficacy of vaccination. People in this group includes healthcare professionals and people who have personal experience with vaccine injury. The first group accuses this group of fear mongering that is not backed by science and research.

I read this book because I want to see if the allegation against the second group is true.

This book is divided into three parts. Part 1 discusses the case for vaccination choice and its legal implications. Because the authors are Americans, the discussions are centered around U.S. law, but the fundamental arguments about the rights of parents to decide what is best for their children’s health is valid in any country.

Part 2 consists of stories of people whose children had been vaccine-injured and people who have become a victim of vaccine injury themselves.

Part 3 presents the debates on various hot topics concerning vaccination. Among the topics discussed are the symbiosis between the pharmaceutical industry and government agencies that are responsible for the approval of new vaccines. Also discussed in the controversial case of Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Prof. Walker-Smith who had their reputations smeared and their careers destroyed due to a research they did about the relation between MMR vaccine and autism.

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