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The Truth About the Bikini

Designer and actress, Jessica Rey, delivers an inspiring perspective on modesty and swimwear evolution that will have you thinking twice about the teeny weeny itsy bitsy binkini!

Why Muslim Women Wear Hijab

The hijab is often seen as a symbol of oppression. Honestly, I’ve never understood why. If a woman should have the freedom to choose how to dress, why shouldn’t she have the freedom to choose to dress modestly?

Below are videos about hijab. Nouman Ali Khan discusses whether the Quran states that women should cover their head. Aminah Assilmi explains why Muslim women wear hijab. Hanna Yusuf addresses many stereotypes about hijab as a symbol of oppression. Jennifer Kushell had traveled to 50 countries, but had never talked to a niqabi. Watch what happened when she met one. Karim Metwaly asked New Yorkers what they think about hijab.

To Cover or Not? – Nouman Ali Khan

Why Muslim Women Wear Hijab, By Aminah Assilmi

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The Elegance of the Modest Woman

I came across this article below years ago. I haven’t been able to verify it, so if you can help, please leave a comment below. 🙂

The Toronto Star – Jan. 23, 2002

While out for dinner last week with colleagues, we sat beside three 20-something women. There was the usual posing and glances exchange, and as they paid their bill two Muslim women entered and sat nearby. Whispers were quickly exchanged and we could hear, “Why do they wear those things anyway?” … “I feel sorry for them” … and so on.

As they filed out of the restaurant, we noticed they sported a mixed collection of the following: skin tight pants, short skirts, exposed midriffs, push-up bras, high heels, jewelry, see-through or plunging tops, piercings, lipstick and makeup, and one had breast implants for certain. We observed the two Muslim women as they were engaged in close conversation over coffee.

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Muslim Women are Oppressed by Ignorant Non-Muslims

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If you want to know how Muslim women feel, ask Muslim women. Don’t ask or listen to non-Muslims talking on behalf of Muslim women — people who pretend to champion Muslim women’s rights when they don’t know anything about Islam or Muslim women.

Hear what an Australian Muslim says about hijab.

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Muslim Women Do That

The way people stereotype Muslim women can sometimes be hilarious. I burst out laughing when a man interviewed in this video said: I like women, Muslim or not. 🙂