Several years ago, when I was looking for a web hosting service, a friend recommended, so I signed up there. Their service was good, the technical support was efficient. I was a happy customer.

A few years later, became (owned by MPC Internetworks, Inc.). I don’t know why and I really don’t care… as long as they continue to provide the service that I’ve been paying for. After a while I noticed that their service has been degrading steadily, for example, sometimes I have trouble accessing my website. Often the service was “Internal Server Error”.

In March this year, I renewed my web hosting subscription for 5 years because offered a discount for 5-year renewal. I naively thought that since they’re offering a 5-year renewal, they service will become better. I was gravely mistaken!

The error when I tried to access my web site happened more frequently. When I complained at’s help desk, this was the reply I received.

I thought that was rubbish because mine is a personal website. It’s not as if it’s a corporate website with a few thousand hits per day. When I asked, the help desk didn’t tell me what resources my website was using too much of. I had no intention of upgrading my account to their cloud service because it’s no in my budget.

On 21 May they offered to give me a $200 refund, which I accepted.

One month later, I haven’t received the refund and found that the status of my ticket is ‘On Hold’. When I inquired about this, the following is their reply.

By the end of July, I still haven’t received the refund, so I inquired again. The help desk didn’t reply but updated the ticket status to ‘In Progress’.

By this time, I grew tired of their delaying tactic and decided to dispute the charge with my bank, who then opened a dispute with PayPal (my payment was processed using PayPal).

When I logged in to my account on 29 August, I found the ticket status was updated to ‘Close’ even though I haven’t received the refund. When I asked why the ticket is closed, the following is the reply I received.

Again, more rubbish from I has been 3 months since they offered me the refund. If they hadn’t delayed the refund, I wouldn’t have to dispute the transaction with the bank. We shouldn’t have to wait for PayPal’s response because offered to give me a refund 3 months ago. If had any integrity, they would honour their word. I think has no intention of giving me the refund.

I finally received the $200 refund after the bank opened a dispute at PayPal on my behalf. I moved to all my domain registrations and web hosting to another service provider. I hope will continue to lose customers.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a web hosting service provider, DON’T EVEN CONSIDER The people there are unethical, liars and has no integrity.

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