Me’nate Steak Hub, Bangi

I dropped by at Me’nate Steak Hub, Bangi on 1 February for lunch. I ordered a mushroom soup and beef steak. The soup that came in a small bowl was delicious, but I was disappointed with the small slice of garlic bread.

The mashed potatoes tasted the way it should. The salad was good; I wish the portion wasn’t so small. The steak was so so. I’ve had better steaks at other places, which didn’t cost me RM72.20.

I don’t understand what’s the fuss with Me’nate, which is said to serve the best steak in Klang Valley. I don’t mind paying RM72.20 for a steak provided it’s delicious, but it wasn’t. I don’t intend to return to Me’nate.

My verdict:

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