Patty and Pie

I went to Patty & Pie for lunch on 18 Nov, 2015. I ordered a Hey Pesto beef burger and lemon tea. The burger was definitely better than the burgers at fast food restaurants, but not the best I’ve tasted. If you’re craving for a good burger, I recommend you go to Fuel Shack instead.

Patty & Pie also serves pizzas, which I haven’t tried. The bill for my lunch was RM29.

Update: 26 January, 2016
I went again to try the pizza. The pizza lunch set (pepperoni pizza + iced lemon tea) was RM19. It was tasty. The thin crust was crispy, but not like the thin crust pizza you get from popular pizza restaurants. I thought the topping was rather sparse. Would be even better if they’re more generous with the topping.

If you happened to be in the area, drop by for a meal. But it’s not worth a long drive just to eat there.

My verdict:

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