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The Lost City of the Monkey God

This is a true story about an expedition to find a lost ancient city in Honduras.

Stories that passed down from generation to generation tell the tale of a lost city built of white stone, called Ciudad Blanca or White City. It is also known as the “Lost City of the Monkey God”. According to the legend, the city was abandoned when the gods became displeased with the people, causing a catastrophe that made it impossible for people to continue living there.

Since the turn of the twentieth century, many explorers have tried to determine if the city actually exists. Among those who claimed to have found the city were conmen who fleeced unsuspecting funders to fund expeditions into the jungle to find the lost city.

The city is located in the Mosquitia region. No humans have set foot in the dense jungle for centuries. To say that exploring the jungle is challenging would be an understatement. Fortunately, a new laser technology called Lidar made it possible for the team to determine if there is of a lost city buried in the dense jungle.

Excitement ran high when a scan of the jungle using Lidar showed a high possibility of a buried city. The next step was to send a ground-truth expedition to find it.

Reading this book made me feel like I was there with the expedition team exploring the jungle to re-discover an ancient civilisation. I felt a little envious of the people who were granted a rare opportunity to rediscover a lost ancient city and civilisation. If you like non-fiction, history, adventure books, then I highly recommend this book. Get it from this store or that store.