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Coffee Culture, Putrajaya

I wasn’t too hungry the first time I went to Coffee Culture, so I ordered chicken wings (RM15.36) and hazelnut latte (RM12.64). The chicken wings were VERY delicious. Yummy. Finger lickin’ good. If you go there, you must order this.

I was very impressed by the chicken wings, so I went again for lunch. This time I ordered the beef burger and a coconut latte (sorry, I lost the receipt and I don’t remember the price). The burger was slightly burned on the outside and the overall taste was just OK. It was just a beef burger — nothing special. After the superbly delicious chicken wings, I had high expectation for the burger and I was severely disappointed. I was crushed!

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Meatball & Co, Putrajaya

I’m not a mean person, but I have to tell people to not eat here. The food was horrible.

The meatball set comes with an option of two side dishes. I ordered beef meatballs with salad and mashed potatoes plus soft chocolate cookies and cappuccino.

The meatballs were so tasteless, I felt like I was chewing a sponge. The mashed potatoes was equally tasteless. I wondered if the cook forgot the vital ingredients. There was nothing memorable about the salad and the cappuccino.

The chocolate cookies was OK. Not too sweet and they actually tasted like chocolate cookies. The cookies were the only good thing I ate there.

The bill was RM25.95. I beg you not to waste your hard-earned money here.

My verdict:

Hei Sushi

How crazy am I about Japanese food? On a scale from 1 – 10, I rate it at 6. Hei Sushi claims to be the first halal certified restaurant, so of course I had to check it out.

I opted for the three-course meal. I ordered the red passion drink, sirloin steak and I don’t remember the name of the appetizer (sorry!). The red passion drink tasted fizzy and I quit carbonated drinks years ago. My bad really, for not asking what’s in the drink. So I then ordered the flower tea.

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Assam House, Putrajaya

The Assam House at Ayer @ 8, Putrajaya has been opened for a few months but I only got the chance to visit it recently. I ordered the curry assam fish rice set, salted fish fried eggplant and cincau. I took a sip of the gravy and it was mmmmmmm…. delicious. Without a doubt, one of the best curry assam I’ve tasted. The salted fish fried eggplant was cooked to perfection. The eggplant was soft and tender.

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Fuel Shack, Putrajaya

Whenever I crave for a good burger, Fuel Shack is the place I head to. I’ve been to Fuel Shack several times and I’ve tried most of the burgers they have. Their pasta is also among the best I’ve had. In the photo are the Original Shack Burger and pasta carbonara.

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