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Don’t Leave Your Child Unattended

I was walking into a pharmacy when I noticed a little girl in a trolley, left unattended. I took two steps back and walked to the trolley. The girl was about a year old. Very cute, friendly and was smiling happily at me. I bet I could’ve picked her up and took her home without any fuss. Lucky for her parents, I’m not a child snatching psycho.

Her mother, who was nowhere to be seen, obviously had done some grocery shopping before leaving her in front of the pharmacy. After about two minutes, I asked the pharmacy employee, where is her mother? She said, she’s not yours? I said, no.

Another employee, who was standing nearby said, her mother is over there (pointing in her direction). She comes her often.

She pulled the trolley in. When her mother comes back, I said, please tell her not to leave her baby like this again. It’s dangerous.

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