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Pawns in the Game

Their ultimate goal is to establish a totalitarian one-world government — they want to win for themselves undisputed control of the wealth, natural resources and man power of the entire world.

There is a Secret Power that, time and again, has used propaganda to divide humans into opposing camps on political, social, economic and religious issues so that they could stir people into such a state of emotionalism that they will fight and kill each other.

The Secret Power divides people into two camps: Kings and Queens; Bishops and Knights; and the masses of the world’s population, as pieces in their game. Their ruthless policy considers all other humans as expendable — sacrifice a major piece or a million pawns to place them a move nearer to their ultimate goal.

The author exposes the hidden hands that orchestrated key historical events starting with the English Revolution, the French Revolution, the downfall of Napoleon, the Russian Revolution, the Spanish Revolution and the events that led to two world wars.

Monetary and economic manipulation was at the heart of how the masses were manipulated into revolting against their governments in order to arrive at a position that places the Secret Power a step closer to their goal. The same tactic is still used today.

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